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    The Anti-Drunken Driving Campaigns

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We provide driving test questions, Info on Driving license procedures, traffic rules and regulation. Take the test fast or slow just go through the questions and know the Question and Answers

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    Hurdles of road safety

    Negligence of Civilians: Civilians, the main victim, who make a huge hue and cry about the issue are responsible for lagging behind in the...

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    Important Traffic safety rules in India

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    Traffic Rules and Regulations

    Every driver should have understanding of the following provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988...

Driving Licence Applying Procedures

Driving License test

Various Types of Driving License in India

Total Convenience & Flexibility Driving License at Ease: Practice your driving license test here, we have 250 questions and around 80 traffic signals and you require studying it online and passing your learning license exam which is conducted by the regional transport authority. You need not study it in your books, you can study it online and can pass your driving license. Usually, there are 3 types of tests which are conducted for getting a Driving License (CDL)namely. For getting driving license and to drive the vehicle you need to get a driving license which is a legal document and it should be authorized by the driving license authority.After that you need to pass three levels for the driving license