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    Free Driving Licence Practice Test Free driving test website provides the Drivers a wonderful opportunity to reduce the Accidents which are occuring around us.

  • Driving License test

    Practice Driving Test This website also provides the informatory signs and mandatory signs, cautionary signs along with driving tips along with blogs.

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    Learning licence Practice TestDriving errors such as collisions and fatal accidents with knowing the basics of driving rules and regulations and basic rules.

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Apply for Driving Licence

Various Types of Driving License in India

Usually, there are 3 types of tests which are conducted for getting a Driving License (CDL)namely. For getting driving license and to drive the vehicle you need to get a driving license which is a legal document and it should authorized by the driving license authority.There you need to pass three levels for the driving license

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How To Apply Driving Licence »

online Application for Driving Licence

Getting a driving License in India in 3 Steps.

Many people dont know how to apply for driving license, here are the easy five steps to apply driving license.


Fill the Form with the required documents such as

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Common Mistakes made giving Driving Licence Test »

Driving Lincence India

Reduce risk while driving.

Basics in reducing risks: Much care need to be taken while driving because accidents can happen with a minor mistakes on road, eventhough you are right from your side.To reduce risk, driving errors should be reduced, from there accidents can be avoided.

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Learning License »

Driving Licence test

An easy approach to apply for a driving license in India .

How to proceed?

There are two steps to start with, First step is to apply for learning then next apply for a permanent license, and then apply for a permanent license.

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Useful information on Driving

Driving Lincence In India
Road Safety

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Total Convenience & Flexibility Driving Licence At Ease

Practice your driving licence test here, we have 250 questions and around 80 traffic signals and you require to study it online and pass your learning licence exam which is conducted by the regional transport authority. you need not study it in your books, you can study it online and can pass your driving licence.

We provide driving test questions and all traffic signals which will help you to pass your driving licence test. take the test fast or slow just go through the questions and know the question and answers.It is is a huge learning experience for you to get driving licence.

we provide all the information regarding the driving licence and various procedure to get the permanent driving license. we also offer blogs related to traffice safety and and traffic rules and regulations.

You no need to struggle with the Driving licence procedure and driving test at RTA because we make it easy for yourself, we provide you online driving licence test to improve your drivers knowledge with easy text based lessons and you can take as many as lessons to complete your test. You can take the test at your own pace and you can learn through animation lessons and easy online driving licence test.

This online driving licence test provide the convenience and flexibility for you to pass your driving licence test and gives you the full control over the online studying process, we make your driving test very easy and you can enjoy the freedom of studying it anywhere form your desktop or laptop.

This Driving licence test course is specially designed to get your learning driving licence the fast and easy way. We provide you the information about, how to get driving licence and all the information about forms and procedure of getting driving licence.Free Driving Test has easy to learn study material and can complete the driving licence course very fast. It consist driving licence questions and it is based on the RTA and the course material is easy to understand.