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Aggressive Driving

The Better way to deal with Aggressive driving.

The Drivers have lot of risk on the road as it need lot of control over the vehicle and the best way to have everyday situation is to reach safely to the destination.

Things to remember:

Its known to every one that, we drive safely but we should be safe from the aggresive drivers.

to be safe we you have to keep distance from car infront.

Avoid impaired driving, because there is lot of risk involved.

keep a watch on junctions, blind spots, give way to fire engines, ambulance or police cars.

Avoid aggressive driving.

Give some extra time for bad whether, traffic jams, natural disasters

Keep Distance from front vehicles.

Its better to reach the place late rather than not reaching at all.

Set Examples for other drivers, So avoid aggressive driving.

Dont be in hurry, its better to start earlier.

have a safe Journey.

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