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Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving is very crucial because, in winter the weather is too cold to drive and much care needs to be taken. Winter driving requires certain thing to be remember, such as whether and vehicle maintenance, engine cooling system.

In winter vehicle stats very late as the weather gets cool and it trouble to start and it required some time to start the vehicle.

Thing to remember:

Accessories for us to wear while driving

Vehicle tools, if the car stops in the middle then, the tools helps to repair.

In India especially the months between Novembers to February constitute one of the coldest period.

Top ten tips for safe driving tips in winter, before starting know the route map, and whether conditions as well.

Know the weather report from the best source, better to use the information from the weather department. Know the road condition, know whether road is fit to drive or not. Pay more attention to mountain areas as the road may have problem with the whether

Carry water to drink, and enough food and other necessary things. Carry first aid box and all the tablets because if you get dehydrations, medicine will require. Carry necessary things such as, cell phones, clothes, battery charger, and travel safety kit.

Avoid alcohol, cell phone driving, and aggressive driving Check tires, fuel, glass wipers, side mirrors.

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