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Teen Driving tips:

Avoid cell phone driving usually most of the teen drivers text and lift calls while calls which leads to severe accidents. And avoid drinking and driving.

Be in limit, obeying speed limit is very important for teen drivers as the teen are known for bike riding and rash driving , so teen should be limit as they drive.

Avoid talking while driving , talking while driving with co passengers may also leads to severe accidents.

Don’t drive aggressively, when teens are upsets they usually drive aggressive, defensive driving is important for teens.

Avoid extra activities while driving such as combing the hair, watching the other side of the road and watching banners on the road.

If teens are driving cars, better to keep the volume of the music system low, as it make the horn of the other vehicles mute, as the chance of accident increases.

Teens must have a valid driving license and possess good driving skills.

Buy a good conditions vehicle and Drive safe.

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