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Why Cellphone Driving Is Dangeous

We are proving this information to make your life little easier and we have some cell phone safety tips for you.

When we are using cell phone while driving itís better to keep the cell phone in the stationary provided for you in the car besides the car steering.

Use hand free accessory, keep the eye on road and hand on wheel.

Avoid texting and lifting call, aggressive driving. Make the phone in reachable mode while driving.

Keep the doors locked and keep the cell in stationary provided.

Know the features of cell phone, for speed dial in emergency.

Assign speed dialing to an emergency number. Memorize important numbers, family numbers, it will be helpful in case of emergency.

Keep the cell phone within the reach and use speaker phone in emergency.

You can also use headphone and Bluetooth while driving, it is easy to make a call.

When you are talking while driving better to put off the music system in the car.

The car doors will be locked automatically so be near to the keys and keep the cell phone near to you.

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