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Driving Tips for Rough Roads

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To be in a safer side while driving one should know all the rules and regulations of Indian traffic roads and following are the safe driving tips on Indian Roads

1. The following documents should be carried while driving a) Driving license b) Registration Certificate (RC) c) Insurance certificate, d) PUC Certificate, e) Pollution check up certificate

2. A driver should negotiate his speed while driving on the road depending upon the traffic and weather conditions

3. The skills which are required to drive safety are a) good vision b) quick reaction, c) Good co-ordination d) ability to take decision and judge the traffic conditions.

4. The following points should be kept in mind a) keep the glasses and mirrors clean, b) keep the speed under control, c) Do not drive when drunk / or when into alcohol

5. When vehicle crashes always slowdown and primary thing is to park the vehicle aside and then look for what has happened, and important thing is that never apply sudden brakes. And use hand signals in case of emergency.

6. In case of accident occurs firstly a) arrange some medical help, b) inform police

7. Mobile phones should not be carried according to the rule, and also said in rule that mobile phone should be switched off while driving.

8. Read the labels, signals while driving

9. Relax when in driver seat.

10. Be alert to signs.

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