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Defensive Driving Tips For Teen

Teen need to be very careful on road as they are not experienced with the driving. They need be be alert and cautious on road while driving.

Teen should learn the driving as behind the wheel program are meant for them. Choosing the good driving school is very important for them as it is a place where every teen need to learn the basic rules and regulations are to be learnt. Teens need to learn the traffic rules and regulations carefully.

Avoid driving and drinking and driving, because the chance of accidents will increase. Drowsiness while driving can lead to accidents.

Teens should practice defensive driving and follow defensive driving tips to avoid collision. And should follow speed limit and traffic rules and regulations.

Stay alert while you are going through rural areas as there you might come across animals.

Choosing vehicle is important as there are many vehicles types, SUV, MUV and sedan.

Keep eye on road and stay focused on road conditions and have follow correct directions.

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