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Driving Test Questions

Q1)When may a learner motorcyclist carry a pillion passenger?

Not any time

if the passenger holds a driving license

If the rider is undergoing training

If the passenger is over 21

Q2)Pillion passenger MUST.

Wear a helmet

Have a motorcycle learning license

Be lighter than the rider

Wear bright clothing

Q)Pillion passenger should.

Lean with the rider when going round bends and comers

Give the rider directions

Check the road behind for the rider

Give hand road behind for the rider

Q3)To carry a pillion passenger your bike should have?

Rear footrests

A proper passenger seat

An engine of 250 cc or over

A and B both

Q5)If at a roundabout you are turning right you should take.

The inner most lane

The outermost lane

The middle lane

Eigher Lane

Q6)Indications for turning are.

To be given 30 meters before the turn

Not necessary

To be given first before turning

To be given after turning

Q7)While on a roundabout.

Traffic on the roundabout has right of way

Traffic entering has right of way

Traffic exiting has right of way

None of these

Q8)Vehicle coming from your right have to be given way.

At all times

At all times except at T-intersection where one road ends

When it is convenient

None of these

Q9)Towing is permitted only for.

Mechanically disabled vehicles

Registered trailers

Incomplete assembles vehicles


Q10)The vehicle ahead of you is moving very slow in the right lane.

You may overtake form the left

You can below the horn violently

Flash your lights

Stand behind him

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