Safety tips on highway

Highway is a public and common road for the travelers who travel to long distance. Safety is a major concern because many accidents occur on the highway road alone.

There are many types of highways such as Divided Highways, County Road highway, State Highway, Interstate Highways, Expressways, Freeways highway, Toll ways, Turnpikes, Parkway, Skyways, Bee Lines, Toll Roads, Limited Access Highway, Partial Access Highways, and Full Access Highways.

Safety tips on highway.

Overtaking: Its dangerous to overtake when you are near turnings and corners. Better not to overtake form left on highways.

Maintain Gap: We have to maintain gap between the vehicles, when you are overtaking it. And make a sound, alert the driver.

Highway Speed Limit: Follow the highway speed limit, because speed kills. Lower the speed at night as the chances of accidents increases.

When you are going on a long drive, take rest for every 8 hours. And take rest after every stop you reach.

Travel information: If you are going to a new place, know the route map, travelling information carry all necessary item.

Carry kerchief and make a mask to cover your face in hot summer as hot air can cause dehydration.

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