Renew Drivers License Online

If you want to enjoy driving vehicle on Indian roads, you must have a valid license for the same. If you donít have a valid DL, you are likely to face legal issues. This is the main reason why most of the individuals get a permanent license made. But it doesnít mean that the same DL will work forever. Yes, you need to renew your license after a certain period of time. But why do I need to renew my license? Actually, the key reason behind this condition is that you may not be as fit as you used to be at the time of issuing your license. So, you again need to go through a fitness test for grabbing facility of a DL.

What Is the Renewal Process of Drivers License in India?

According to Section 177 of the Indian Motor Act, 1988, driving a vehicle without a valid license is a punishable offence. So, if you have an expired DL, it means that you donít have a valid driving license. So, you are likely to face legal problem. If you want to get rid of this problem, you need to get your driving license renewed before the due date. Here, one point should be noted that an expired license can be used as a valid license for maximum 30 days. So, you need to get your DL renewed before the grace period is over.

Now, come to the renewal procedure of driverís license in India. Actually, there are two options available to go with i.e. online and offline. If you want to go with offline option, you need to visit at RTO or RTA in city along with your address proof, identity proof and other documents. Obviously, offline process of applying for a driverís license renewal can be a time-consuming and hectic process. If you donít want to compromise with comfort of your home, you need to determine online process of applying for driverís license renewal in India.

What Are the Documents Needed for Drivers License Renewal Procedure in India?

If you are going to apply for your DL renewal, you should first know about the documents. Yes, you need to arrange documents, which are required to obtain a driving license. So first of all, you need to fill a driving license renewal application form. You need to provide KYC documents. You need to provide address proof, ID proof and other legal documents. You can choose anyone of the stated below documents as your address proof or ID proof.

∑†††††††† Passport

∑†††††††† Ration card

∑†††††††† Voterís ID card

∑†††††††† Aadhar card

∑†††††††† Electricity bill

∑†††††††† Government ID card

∑†††††††† And other legal documents

How to Apply for Drivers License Renewal Online

∑†††††††† Kindly visit at the official website of your stateís RTO or RTA

∑†††††††† Here, you need to click on driverís license renewal option.

∑†††††††† You will find an online driving license renewal form.

∑†††††††† Provide your information such as your name, address, DL details, and other information.

∑†††††††† Upload your address proof, ID proof and yes medical fitness certificate.

∑†††††††† Pay the applicable fee.

∑†††††††† Click on submit.

∑†††††††† You will be informed about your driverís license by the authorities.