How to Change Your Name on Driving Licence?

Change Name & Address on Driving Licence

Procedure to Change the present Name on Your Driving License

One must Follow the below given instructions to change the name and other details on your driving license.

Sometimes if a particular situation arises where you have to change the name on your driving license donít worry. It is very simple and not as difficult as you all think.

The process of changing the information in your driverís license is almost the same in all countries. This process usually includes presenting proof of legal name change providing the required documents and paying the license replacement fees.

Nonetheless listed below are some of the necessary procedures in changing information in your driverís license.

procedure for changing name on your driving license 7 easy steps are there

step1. First and foremost thing when you are changing the name on your driverís license you must remember to apply personally. The applicant must update the name listed on the license card within 60 days or so depending on the law of your country regarding this matter.

step2. Gather your necessary documents and your current driverís license a legal ID and court papers or affidavit and Gazette Notification proving that your name has been changed. Anyhow you do not have documents proving your name change contact the agency responsible for issuing and renewing driverís license and inquire about what you can present as proof of your name change.

step3. Provide legal reasons why you are changing your current name. If you are changing your name because you got married if so then provide a certified true copy of a marriage license and/or marriage certificate or else you are reverting to your maiden name you must provide documents such as divorce annulment papers or birth certificates something else like that. This is needed in the evaluating of your name renewal application.

step4. Make sure that the documents you are provided must be in English whether you are an American citizen or not. If necessary provide the translated versions especially are in non-English speaking countries.

step5. Next Request for a name change application. You need to present your documents as proof of your identity proof.

step6. Complete the necessary forms and paper works required in the application process.

step7. Pay the necessary fees as requested and have a new photograph taken if required.

Driving License Changing of an Address: - The application for endorsement of change of address in the driving License shall be made in Plain paper by affixing Rs3/- Non-Judicial Court Fee Stamp to the Licensing authority and 3 copies of the applicant's recently taken fresh passport size photographs. Copies of Proof of your own Residence or Place of Business Originals should be produced for your verification.