Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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For the Foreign nationals who want to learn to drive and apply for a driving license in Russia need to be fluent in Russian. Many of the lessons and examinations are held only in Russian with no translators allowed.

The visibility theory the rules for driving in Russia are the same as in Europe but they are rarely observed by drivers and are not consistently enforced by the authorities. As Compared to western standards Russian motorists generally drive fast aggressively and dangerously with little respect for traffic signs or other road users. Minimum five times the number of fatalities in road traffic accidents compared with the world’s safest countriesso a lot of care is needed. Many Russians drive without a license as paying the fines can be cheaper than getting one so driver have inadequate training. Many Vehicles can be in hazardous condition adding to the seriousness of the situation on the road.

Legal Documents required for applying for a new driving license

With Completed application form

With the Original passport or other identity document

With Document confirming the registration of residence in Russia or place of residence valid for not less than 12 months

With Medical certificate of fitness to drive (supplied by all the main health clinics) checks include eyesight movement and reflexes

With Document certifying the completion of training

The sufficient fees to be paid when getting a new driving license were as follows:

As State duty to be allowed to take the exam (R.500)

An amount of Fee to issue a driving license (R.800)

The Theoretical examination (R.60)

The Practical examination (R.100)

Also Payments can be made at the GIBDD or at any bank or post office.

By Learning to Drive

The Courses of lessons are available from a number of authorized driving schools lasting from two to six months and cost from around Rs13000 for a package including both the theoretical lessons and the driving lessons.

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