Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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If you want to drive in Poland American citizens must have either an international driving permit or a Polish national driverís license a US State driver's license without an IDP is insufficient. The Americans may use an International Driving Permit until it expires regardless of the date of entry into Poland. As like In the US you can obtain an IDP from any local AAA.

The American citizens applying for a Polish driverís license are now required to pass a written examination (non-Polish speakers must provide their own licensed interpreter) and pay the examination fee.

Some additionally things you must bring to the examination center: -

1. An application to get a driverís license.

2. A receipt for the driverís license issuance fee.

3. A sample signature.

4. A photograph.

5. An authorized translation of the US State driverís license.

6. A photocopy of the State driverís license.

As per the receipt of the Polish driving license a foreigner must submit his state/national license to the local licensing office. Polish authorities send the foreign license to the Embassy with a request that it be returned to the licensing authority in the United States. Regarding this If you have any questions about this procedure please call the Embassy at 22 504 2784.

The EU regulations state that you must have permanent residence in an EU country for a minimum of 6 months before you can apply for a license there. For Once you've secured your license it's valid in other EU countries or can be exchanged for a local equivalent if you move and re-register your residence. Before a few years ago the 3-month requirement didn't exist and it was quite common for people to lose their license in one country and take their test and get a new one in another. The genre in principal that's still possible but you have to wait 3 months in the new country to do it. For Once you have a new license you are still banned from driving in the country where you actually lost your license in the first place but plans are afoot to prevent you from driving during the ban in any EU country. The UK is the best place to try to bend the rules as they have no requirements to formally register residence but the UK application form still asks you how long you have been in the UK and when you first came (and if you have or had a license from another country) - if you get caught out with your answers the fines are pretty heavy...