Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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Here you will get the procedure for applying driving license in Iranwith the help of this international document being one year valid driving can be committed (in some countries) temporarily. This goes without saying that the international driving license holder cannot overlook or violate the laws and rules regarding residence regulations or attempting to the jobs current and enforceable in the countries on his route. So, this license besides Farsi is translated to 7 international languages. International driving licenses are not extendable and after expiry application should be made for new driving licenses.

The required for international driving license application:

- The Valid driving license of I.R.Iran with at least 40 days validity

- Photo copies 3x4 cm full-faced pictures with white background

(In case If the picture on the driving license is with glasses these pictures should also be with glasses)

- Previous international driving license (if valid)

- The Xerox copy of first page of passport (if holding one)

- With Filled-in application form (Farsi and English the English birth date should be stated in A.D.)

- And 4200000 Rail cash payment per license.

(In case of issuing license for automobile and motorcycle together Rs525000 is charged)

* The Option for receiving an international driving license

1. First Select Your License from International Documents & Licenses Department Center at

No 2 Arable St Khoram shahr Ave Tehran Iran

2. Secondly Via one of the Center's representation offices nationwide (instant delivery).

3. Next Via post offices nationwide (delivery one week after mailing the documents).

4. Again Via internet (delivery about 7 working days)

* The BIOS International Motor Vehicle Ownership

International vehicle title deed is a document containing full documentary information of the vehicle its owner and/or driver printed in it. So, similar to the international driving license it is translated to 7 languages besides Farsi. International vehicle title deeds remain valid for one year after issuance inextensible with application for a new one to be submitted upon expiry.