Procedure To Get Driving License

Process of Booking Slot for Learning licence

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The actual Need for a Driving License

Are u looking for a procedure to get a driving license in Kolkata? So here is some of the useful stuff for you

From the government of India, in West Bengal Kolkata you will find all the enough details and information in these articles from the necessary documents to the forms, fees and procedures some other necessary measures etc.

The complete process from learner's license to permanent driving license is explained below in brief manner. Get all the information with clear understanding and in clear words.

One should require driver license to drive any motor driven vehicles in any non-personal places. This license is a proof that Government of India has authorized the corresponding person to drive the type of vehicle which is mentioned and desired for the driving license.

The driving license which is obtained in West Bengal or anywhere in India is valid throughout India and the bearer of the license is permitted to drive on any road of India. Driving license is a mandatory for persons who intend to drive bikes, cars or any other vehicles. Driving in public places or streets without a driving license comes under punishable offense under the penal code of India or sometimes it comes under murder if any accident occurs.

Here are certain procedures to obtain a driving license. It is not a permit to drive but is also an important document which proves of age and address, other identification criteria.

If you want to know how to get driving license in Kolkata or West Bengal then go through this article and u will find out exactly what you need to do to get your hands on one.

About Eligibility Criteria for driving license:

Till 50CC engines and no-gear bikes the age eligibility must be minimum 16 years and parent's consent is needed in this case.

The Age eligibility for non-commercial motor vehicles is minimum 18 years and age eligibility for commercial motor vehicle license is minimum 20 years. Traffic rules and regulations must be known to the candidate.

All you got to know is there are two phases in obtaining a driver's license

1.The learner's license:

This license is issued to candidates to learn driving and there is fixed rules to be followed while learning driving with a driver's license. This license is issued for 6 months.

Required Documents for learner's license:

Standard residence proof - this includes bit is not limited to attested

1. Copy of passport

2.Voter ID card or Adhar card

3.Ration card

4.Parentís residence proof with consent,

5.Pay slip of central or state government etc.

Standard age proof -- These include are not limited to attested

1.Copy of passport

2.Birth certificate

3.PAN card

4.EPIC voter ID card etc.

This is good to remember that after you obtain youíre driving license it will serve as both age and address proof to you.

1. The actual driver's license [permanent license]:

This provides the eligibility to drive throughout India as we have discussed before.

Documents for permanent license:

1. Learner's license

2. Properly filled up for 4

3.If you are applying for commercial license then take form 5.

4. One photograph (recent, passport size)

5.Age and address proof with attested of original certificate

6.Mention type of the vehicle

7. Forms and fees to apply for driving license in West Bengal


Form 2: Learner's license application.

Form 1 A: Medical certificate.

Form 3: Application for learning license with passport size photograph.

Form 1: Medical fitness.

Form 4: Driving license.

Form 5: Commercial license.


License applying for three categories is 440 rupees

For application for license in two categories -- 360 rs.

For application for license in one category -- 280 rs.

Extra fee should be paid for the photographed license when applying for the driving license

Procedure to get a driving license

For learners license the verification of procured documents followed by a color blindness inspection and finally a learnerís competence test.

For permanent driving license

Verification of documents followed by a driving test: The related applicant has to bring a vehicle of the category applied for. In the following test the motor vehicle inspector tests driving skills, awareness of traffic rules and regulations, knowledge about the vehicle system and safety and familiarization with the category of the motor vehicle applied for.