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In case of breaking a traffic rule in Telangana, you need to deal with penalties i.e. e-challan. So, what exactly an e-challan is? Actually, it is a spot traffic official ticket, which is issued by Telangana traffic police for violation or breaking of traffic rules. So, you need to pay e-challan by cash at an e-seva centre. You may also choose one of online payment methods to pay e-challan.

What Are the Reasons of E-Challan?

There are various traffic rules that should not be broken. But if you break anyone of them, you will have to cope with an e-challan or penalty. Letís check out a few most common reasons of e-challan penalty.

Over speed

Using no parking area

Breaking traffic signal

Choosing wrong side for driving

Trying to use wrong ďuĒ turn

Inappropriate or incorrect number plate and its design.

Apart from aforementioned traffic violation reasons, there is one more traffic violation has officially been added by Hyderabad traffic police. Yes, it is the vehicle insurance. Remember, there is an integrated system of eChallan and insurance database. It means that if you donít have insurance for your vehicle, the integrated challan system automatically grab the same information from the insurance database. Thus, you will have to cope with e-challan. The new system does this job automatically. So, in case of violating the motor vehicle rules and acts of Telangana, you will have to deal with penalties.

Do I Need to Pay E-Challan?

Yes, you need to pay e challan as soon as possible if you want to enjoy driving. Now, the question arises here how to pay your e challan? Actually, there are various ways to pay e-challan. You may decide to visit at a local e-Seva center where you can pay e-challan in cash. You may also decide to pay e-challan using net banking and other online payment modes.

How to Check Telangana E-Challan Status Online

Since the integrated challan system at Police department automatically generates e-challan on the absence of vehicle insurance, it is necessary to know whether you have any challan pending or not. For this, you need to learn how to check Telangana e challan online.

Kindly visit at the official website of e challan i.e. echallan.org

Here, you need to find out an e challan status option.

Click on the option.

Here you will find two ways to check your e challan status. You can check e challan using your vehicle registration number or license number.

If you want to check your telangana e challan status by registration number, you need to enter vehicle registration number online.

Now, solve a captcha code

Hit the enter key

If you have a pending e challan, you can see the details of the same online.

Now come to learn how to check your e challan status by driving license number online.

For this visit at the official site.

Click on e challan status

Enter your license number

Resolve captcha code

Now, you can check whether there is a pending e challan or not.