Getting a driving License in India in 3 Steps

In India Getting a driving License following in 3 Steps

click here for driving licence test getting driving licence in 3 easy step


Fill the Form with the required documents such as address proof, adhar card, age proof and 3 passport size photographs.


As you fill the application form you need to go to counter and pay the challan 30 rupees, the challan may be different for state to state and varies for motor vehicles( two, four , six wheeler.. etc. Pay the fee near counter, pass in the learning license test based on basic traffic rules.


Practice for thirty days and apply for permanent license by filling the document and paying the challan with necessary documents and go to RTO office and give the driving test in front of the traffic inspector. you can collect the license next day.

Things to remember

Important note:
Carry necessary items such as gum, pen, Stapler while going to apply for license
Keep in mind that the RTO office will be closed on public holidays.
Reach in time to Driving test.
Keep patience while driving in the test.
Follow Direction while driving the vehicle in driving test.