New Challans by Hyderabad Traffic Police

Hyderabad Traffic Police New Challans

Violating traffic rules in the busy Hyderabad City will cost vehicle owners.

Our Hyderabad Traffic Police have decided to implement the GO 108 which is about the enhancement of fines for certain traffic violations from August 12 as per the GO 108 the fine for signal jumping will be increased from Rs 400 to Rs 1000 - a hike of 60 percent.

The fine of cell phone driving has been doubled from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 while the fine for unauthorized parking has been increased by 80% from Rs 200 to Rs 1000 and for overloading of vehicles the fine has been increased by 80 per cent from Rs 200 to Rs 1000.The new challans will be implemented very soon from August 12 Monday in the limits of the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

The Additional Commissioner of the Police (Traffic) has sought the people's cooperation very strictly in implementing the GO 108 (INN)

In order to increase the transparency in working of Delhi Traffic police and reduce possibility of misuse of prosecution power an order has been issued today clarifying the prosecution powers of Head the Constables of Delhi Traffic Police.

In other words what the order says is no Head Constable can prosecute anybody for any offence which presently has a penalty for more than 100 Rs per offence. If any of the officials threaten you with challans for Rs 1100 he is MISUSING his powers and if you know that he CANNOT issue a challans for this amount you can go ahead and ask him to issue challans. Certainly if you ask once for challans and he knows that you are aware that he cannot prosecute you for a violation punishable with penalty of more than 100 Rs chances are he will not harass you. Honestly if you commit two offences like not wearing helmet and jumping the red light he can rightly issue a challans for 200 Rs for two offences of driving without helmet and jumping the red light.

In this kind of order we have specified that HC can prosecute red light jumping and riding/driving without helmet, triple riding or more than sufficient members capable allowed on a vehicle, and like improper/obstructive parking, another is violation of stop/yellow line- defective number plate & driving against flow of traffic- use of tinted glass and driving without seat belt all offences where Head Constable can issue challans for Rs100.

The Head Constable will not be bale to prosecute dangerous driving (fine 1000 Rs) use of mobile phone while driving (fine 1000 Rs.)Disobeying lawful direction of a police officer (fine Rs 500) over speeding (fine Rs 400) and driving without the insurance papers (fine Rs 1000). If you are aware these provisions I am sure you can handle wrong intention and act of a traffic police official.

The Head Constable cannot prosecute a commercial vehicle for this he is not empowered to stop prosecutes any commercial vehicle. If he notices any violation by commercial vehicle he can fill up violation slip without stopping the vehicle and send it to notice the related branch.