Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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Our turkey is getting more serious about expats who don't have a Turkish driving license. In additionallyinsurance companies are saying that if you are driving without a Turkish license you are driving illegally and they are not obligated to fulfill insurance claims. It is especially important for drivers from the US since there is no federal agency which issues driving licenses.

1.Apply for the theory and practical driving test at the local Road Traffic Office. Register with an authorized driving school and pass driving tests.

2.Applicants must get a medical certificate and have an eyesight test before starting to learn to drive.

3.Pass the theory test.

4. After passing the theory test take the practical test.

5.After passing the practical test present the relevant or required documents at the local Transport Registrar which is situated at the local police station.

6.Complete a driver's license application form.

7.Once the documents have been verified and approved, your driver license will be issued.

Preparation for getting a driving license:

With 4 passport style photos

This 67060TL CASH everything is paid for in Turkish lira cash

The Plastic card form of UK driverís license

The Residency permits (kismet)

The Residency permit photocopy

Yabancikimlik number

The Turkish tax number

The passport

The Wet wipe!

Free and Fluent Turkish speaking assistant

The Driving glasses if you wear them

Folder to contain several documents

Personal mobile phone number