Complete Guide to Apply Driving Licence In Gujarat

How to Apply Online Driving Licence in Gujarat?

RTO Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have launched an online appointment for driving license from today onwards.

The new system, an applicant would have to take an online appointment then, only he/she would have to turn up at the RTO office. Thanks for a new system, if an applicant will face of lesser waiting period at the RTO office, which could be at around 15 minutes in most of the cases.

According to RTO office Shri Jyotish Bhatt, the website website will have an online form in which the slot of a date and hour will be mentioned. The applicants have to a fill suitable time and date for submitting the form. The available period of appointment will be in a range of two months. Shri jyotish Bhatt said that as per 100 persons/hours get a learning license. Many of applicants come to the RTO office early in the morning and sit in the queue. They also have to take a token.

Under the online appointment system, the applicant will able to come to RTO office during the time 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. Those who having an appointment will immediately allow entering into office and will be given license within 15 minutes.

The RTO office has a capacity of issuing 270 licenses per hour in a day.

It should be a mentioned that online appointment system is only for a learning license at this time. However, based on this experience, in the future renewal, duplicate and other tasks can also put under this system. The online appointment system is implemented in all the RTO offices in Gujarat in phase manner. Presently License and RC books are sent to applicant’s address given in the form through speed post, but in many cases when they is no one available at applicant’s address at the time of delivery, there’s an issue. The RTO office have not launched SMS system to counter this problem. Here now onwards an applicant will have to write his/her mobile number in the form no.1. He/she would be notified about delivery of speed post in the advance through SMs

Easy Steps to Apply Driving License Online

Step 1 - Internet connection is required with Acrobat Reader Version 9 in your computer is needed to apply online driving license.

Step2-Go to this website:http//:

Step 3 - Click on this ‘please register me’ button

Step 4 - Fill the form and click over ‘submit’ button press enter

Step 5 - Now login and select ‘Issue of L to me’ link from online transaction with Sarathi menu

Step 6 - A form will open now

Step 7 - Fill up this form.

Step 8 - Filling * marked details is compulsory in from

Step 9 - After filling up this form, you may need to save an application from before printing the application.

Step 10 - To save click on ‘Submit’ Button.

Step 11 - After submitting you will find a result like below screen.

Step 12 - You should note down an application Number for future reference and also for taking Appointment for LL test.

Step 13 - After application is saved and printed, may close this form. The Selected Appointment for LL Test” from earlier menu for LL Test Date and time Slot Booking.

Step 14 - Above link will open from one Login form. Login to your account will be created in step 2

Step 15 - Go to “Slot booking” their and select “for LL test”

Step 16 - Next screen will ask u for Application Number and your date of birth for confirmation.

Step 17 - Book your slot as per your choice and availability. Click on the date to Book Slot.

Step 18 - Select the Time and click On ‘Book Slot’ Button

Step 19 - Save the slot data and keep this printed slip with you and Walk into the respective RTO office with the printed application and all If still in confusion and want a graphical help or help in Gujarati text click here (PDF) or click here (Word) required attachments 15 minutes before the scheduled date and time of slot allotted to you.