How to Get Driving License?

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In order to obtain a Korean License if you are from a country that does not recognize Korean Driver's Licenses of if you don't want to surrender your driver's license. Procedure is the same for both foreign residents and Korean nationals.

Requirements: -

1. In order Apply in person at a Driver's License Agency (proxy applications are accepted under certain conditions).

2. Your age must be 18 years or over.

3. Also bring your Alien Registration Card (ARC). The people those who are legal residents but who are not issued an ARC must bring a record of their entries/exits.

4. You should bring your Passport.

5. And Bring 3 photos (3cm x 4cm)

6. Next you will have to take a written test and driving tests as well a physical test and safety course.

A. then Written Test - about 40 or so questions - is available in English and Chinese and also French German and Japanese. DLA's have written materials available to help you prepare. Written test costs about W23 000 including the cost of the physical.

B. The Driving Tests - course driving and real driving - may be required.

c. Safety class takes about 3 hours (depends on where you live if there is one available in English or not) and costs W12000.


The Physical exam W5000

The Written test W6000

The fee for License processing is W10000 for acknowledged country and W16000 unacknowledged country.

TIME DURATION: - the Korean driver's licenses are valid for 7 years except for those 65 or older who must renew every 5 years.