Hurdles of road safety

Road safety hurdles.

Negligence of Civilians: Civilians, the main victim, who make a huge hue and cry about the issue are responsible for lagging behind in the safety measures as these people on the first hand do not follow the already devised rules. One can easily spot people jumping traffic lights, driving while drunk, driving recklessly at super sonic speeds. Wearing seat belts is assumed as if they have been tied with the car seats. There is a need to understand that with such a vast population, it is the civil society on the first hand that has to play a crucial role in achieving success in this area.

Pathetic Condition of roads: Poor infrastructure has lead to poor road designs. Roads are built without keeping their functionality in mind. The areas adjoining the new roads are made vacant to built broad roads, only to find that they get swarmed with traffic rush in no time. Roads should be made with proper planning keeping in mind their future utility, as vehicle population also grows with time.

Unsafe Vehicle Design: Vehicles designed for Indian roads are not up to the International Standards. Safety norms are not even close to international level. Even if some luxury cars have them, they run the pockets dry. There is a need to look for viable solution in this respect.

Under implementation of Road Safety Standards: Road are not well informed with the markings and signals. Line markings are not printed on all roads. Traffic signals are used for spiting and littering. Road barriers and other equipments are seen dwindling here and there on the roads.

Indifferent Government: Government has implemented million dollar projects on building roads but it lacks proper planning. The corrupt government is the answer to all the sufferings of the Indian people. Tenders are opened for the known contractors only without checking the past records. Moreover, it is really ironical to note that the same contractors build roads abroad with 10 yrs warranty and when they build roads in India, They get washed away with the slightest showers.