Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License Congo?

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For obtaining a license

Just keep in mind that before applying for a driving license a prospective driver must first obtain a learner's license. Learnerís test is a multiple-choice test that examines knowledge of vehicle controls rules of the road and traffic signs.Mainly there are three types of learner's license are issued

Code 1:- Motorcycles.

Code 2:- these vehicles except motorcycles with tare weight of 3 500 kilograms or less minibuses buses and goods vehicles with GVM of 3 500 kg or less and articulated vehicles with GCM of 3 500 kg or less.

Code 3:- all vehicles (except motorcycles).

Minimum age for a Code 1 or 2 licenses is 17 and for a Code 3 license it is 18. So, at the age of 16 a Code 1 license limited to motorcycles with engine capacity less than 125 cc may be obtained. These Learner's licenses are valid for 24 months and except for Code 1 licenses require that the learner be accompanied by a fully licensed driver. Car driven by a learner must have a sticker with a large red "L" on the rear window.

Likely With the learner's license the prospective driver can take a driving test to obtain their driving license. This driving test has two componentsthe first is the yard test in which the applicant demonstrates various parking and turning man oeuvres in a specially constructed parking lot and If the yard test is successfulit is followed by the road test in which the applicant demonstrates their driving ability on the public roads following the instructions of the examiner.

Small errors on the test such as a collision speeding or rolling backwards when moving off will cause an instant failure of the test. Some other errors cause the driver to lose points if too many points are lost this will also cause failure. So, if the applicant is successful they will be issued with a paper Temporary Driving License which is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Permanent card license will be available for collection at the testing station the applicant went to for the driving test within 4 - 6 weeks.