Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License Ethiopia?

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A person can obtain his driver's license in Ethiopia online using a DMV-issued PIN number unless:

Unless your license or learner's permit is expired or cancelled or suspended or revoked.

Unless you’re current ID card was issued prior to January 1 2004.

Unless your name needs to be changed or corrected on your identification card.

Unless your identification card has expired.

Unless you owe money to DMV for a prior transaction.

Unless you are under the age of 18.

Unless you have a profile picture on your identification card.

Unless you have surrendered your identification card to another state.

Unless you need a new photo on your identification card.

Unless your customer number on file needs verification.

Unless you have already requested an identification card replacement online today.

Unless you are required to provide proof of legal presence.

In case if you obtain a replacement online DMV will use the photograph on your existing license and you would like a new photo on your license please visit one of our customer service centers.

Every time you apply for a driver's license learner's permit CDL or CDL instruction permit (or on each return visit until your license is issued) you must present documents proving your identification and residency and if you are age 19 or older you must show two proofs of identity one proof of legal presence and one proof of Ethiopia residency. The Proof of your social security number (if you have been issued one) is also required however proof of your social security number is always required for a CDL.

To determine which documents to bring to DMV when you apply use the interactive Document Guide or review the DMV publication Obtaining a Driver's License or ID card (DMV 141) en Espanola.

Everydocument must be originals and will be subject to verification. Any kind of Temporary documents and photocopies of documents will not be accepted. The DMV will not accept a document as proof of identity and legal presence residency or social security number when there is reason to believe it has been altered and fraudulently obtained or is fake or forged counterfeit or otherwise non-genuine or illegitimate.

Fit for license:-

You must have attended any recognized driving college and awarded a certificate

You must have more than 18 years of age for motor vehicles and 16 years of age onwards for motorcycles

You must have a learner/provisional driving license

You must undergo test fee-GRR

You must have an eye test certificate

You must have applied to Traffic police for testing

You must go to traffic police with a car for testing