Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License? Morocco

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Hello guys you might think that because you are a long-time driver and have a license from a country with a well-established traffic safety program getting a license here in Morocco would be a relatively quick process a few days to do the paperwork read through the manual and take the test. That is not the case for several reasons.

First reason is that the Moroccan written test is styled after the French test. It means they include many questions that are designed simply to trick you. The Additional questions cover things not found in the manual or any other readily available source of information. Here therefore practicing for the test is essential. So, you can take an online practice test without any preparation and see how you do [at] I failed it [and then discovered the questions were not as challenging as the practice tests and the real test].

Just Find an auto école and enroll. Wisely I chose one because it had a professional air and I needed staff with a high level of French [since my French isn’t so strong]. And it can be helpful to choose a school that is easy to get to as you will be visiting it often.

Just do your paperwork. It was my first auto école appointment I was given a list that outlined what I needed to do before I began class. As known this turned out to be wise advice because once I started at the auto école I was busy enough.

Now I have an eye exam. Yes, this has to be done at the official eye exam place.

My god Start studying. Auto école I went to had about ten individual computer stations and one large screen for group work.

Here there are 36 practice tests of 40 questions each in the same format as the actual test. So, currently to pass you only need to get 30 of the 40 questions right. Likely But I’ve heard they will soon be changing this to 35 out of 40.

Please have patience. On first week even though I was studying outside class I was getting a lot of questions wrong.

Keep on Practice driving. Now After two weeks of practice tests l was pulled out of class and asked if I could take the exam the following week. Now When I said yes I was sent to practice driving.

It’s over now Take the written test. Auto école submitted my dossier and I was assigned to a certain test time according to language [I learned the actual time about 15 hours before the exam. Have your driving test

Please return to the motor vehicle place a few days later with your carte de séjour and 150 dirhams to pick up your provisional license.