Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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The Traffic drives on the right. Road surfaces are reasonably good. Every vehicles travelling in the desert should be in good mechanical condition as breakdown facilities are virtually non-existent. The Travellers must carry full supplies of water and petrol. Got to Travel by road (outside Algiers) in northern Algeria should be avoided especially after dark.

International Driving Permit is required and a carnet de passage may be required. The Cars are allowed entry for three months without duty.

To Drive in Algeria is risky since motorists often do not observe traffic laws and street names are not always indicated. Many drivers exceed their capabilities by driving at high rates of speed. Sometimes minor and major traffic accidents are common resulting in vehicle damage and in some instances loss of life.

The International Driving Permits are recognized in over 160 countries and they are mandatory in over 80 countries. Similar document the Inter-American Driving Permit is recognized throughout Latin America and is mandatory for driving in such places as Brazil and Uruguay. The Visa Central can obtain either a one year or 5 year International Driving Permit for US and non-US driving permit holders.

Needs: -

1. 2 recent passport-sized photos with bare head.

2. Photocopy of your Italian tax identification number.

3. Medical certificate in original and photocopy; the original must bear a €16 revenue stamp and have been issued by a physician under art 119 of the Italian Road Code within the previous six months (Ask for the List of authorized doctors available in the all Province of Udine)

4. For foreign applicants: - valid permit of stay or residence permit in original and photocopy. Original permit of stay will also have to be produced when the driving license is collected.

5. In some cases the licensing office may request a Declaration by the Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin stating that the original driving license is authentic (for further information ask at the Motorization).

6. Authenticated translation of the driving license in case of driving licenses that do not comply with the model set out by international agreements.

7. Non-EU nationals must provide proof of the date they have become resident in Italy either by submitting a residence certificate or a self-certification (as per art 47 DPR 445/2000).