How to prepare for your Driving Test

Prepare for your Driving Test

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Goal of India Driving License, one of the major goals is to keep all drivers safe and all drivers should increase their competence in driving skills.

What can you expect from driving licence test?

During the whole Driving Test Competence, an individual test, many people go for driving test without sufficient knowledge or have not read the basic rules and regulations of test of competence. Make sure that the individual is well prepared before the test of competence.

Driving Licence test Duration: 10 minutes.

Driving licence Test Questions: 20

Required Marks to pass: 16 marks.

The Test Consists of Basic Traffic rules and regulations, Road signs.

Who Can Takes a Driving Licence Test in India?

You will be required to take a driving License test if you are a citizen of India.

How to Preparing for Your Driving Licence Test?

Get Enough Knowledge regarding Basic rules and regulation of traffic and basic road signs. Firstly you need to apply for learners licence, and then you need pass the test in RTA. This test is taken by the Authorities on Computer.

Then you need to wait for thirty days, after that you need to apply for permanent licence by okaying challan, then pass the Test of competence in front of officer.

Tips for preparing Driving License test of competence.

Practice driving near good driving instructor, it is important to steer smoothly anytime and accelerate smoothly, donít drive aggressively, Rash. Use Brakes properly, drive according to speed limit. Maintain distance between the vehicles. Know the traffic signs and obey them. Follow the proper lane, Drive defensively.

Things to remember after passing the Driving licence test :

Learn to drive safely, Learning driving is different from driving every day, because you come across many different situations and many other problems, so better to drive safely.

Points on Safe Driving Checklist of safe Drivers

Wearing Seat belts

Cheating fuel, air, brakes, and headlights.

Adjusting side mirrors.

 driving licence preparation tips

Reverse Parking | Driving Licence Test

The test of competence also include reverse parking. The reverse parking is difficult for the first time drivers, using mirror is important in reverse parking. The Inspector expects reverse into a one car length.

Things to remember; drive the car safely, smoothly and in full control

At the test of competence, the reverse parking can be done this manner.

Look at the parking slot.

As it is reverse parking the mirror plays a vital role. As the car's back is approaching towards the allotted slot then watch the slot from the mirror.

Then approach slowly and carefully.

The reverse parking needs lots of practice.