When it comes to insurance, many times people want to an insurance expert and sometimes you will ask your friend about the insurance companies and quotes. If you want to take insurance you can take the both ways. If you want auto insurance or car insurance, the best way is to know the information online. We provide the comprehensive information about the top companies and their insurance quotes to you.

If you want to know information on auto or car insurance first of all you have to know types of insurances and which will suites you.

Common Types of Auto insurances:

Auto liability: Auto liability insurance means, the insurance plan which covers car damage or accidentally injuring someone. This is a plan pay you for which you have caused damage to any vehicle or caused minor or major injuries.

This insurance will be divided by in two categories:

Causing Injury: This plan covers insurance for which you have injured some and bares all medical expenses for causing injuries. They include damages caused to body parts during accident.

Damage of Property: This plan pays for damage caused to body of the vehicle.

Permanent injury Protection: This plan is very simple as it implies to small medical expenses and many things as loss of earnings, service and rehabilitation.

Medical plan: This plan covers things like medical expenses and funeral expenditures.

Vehicle collision: This comes and vehicle accidents, Accidents caused to other vehicle, to your vehicle, vehicle accidents due to accidents.

Extensive Insurance: This is most common claimed insurance, this insurance covers many aspects as it related to damage of the vehicles caused by nature such as, Theft, tsunami, fire, hitting to animals etc.

Uninsured Motorist Auto Insurance: In this case the injured person can claim the insurance when uninsured person hits the vehicle.

Rental Reimbursement : This is rental Insurance, you can claim insurance for giving rent.

1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) : It is one of the largest insurance companies in India, with govt stake 100%, LIC is feuded in 1956 with merging of 245 insurance companies. Headquarter in Mumbai with many zonal, divisional offices in India.

2. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance: It a merger of ICICI and Prudential plc. British insurance company. Prudential insurance company has 15 million customers across the globe.

3. Reliance Life Insurance: It is one of the leading insurance companies in India, with 5% market share in India. It has around 1300 insurances offices in India and one of the most trusted insurance companies.

4. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance: This Company is a joint venture between, Bajaj and Alliance group.

5. Birla Sun life Insurance: It is a joint venture of Birla group and Sun life financial incorporation.

6. SBI Life Insurance

7. Max Life Insurance

8. HDFC Standard Life Insurance

9. Tata AIG Life Insurance

10. ING Vysya Life Insurance

This to know before taking insurance:

While taking a decision to choose insurance you should think about the insurance rate whether is is suited to you or not.

The Information required when taking insurance quotes:

Year of the vehicle made

Vehicle Model

Vehicle series number

Use of the vehicle whether it is business or personal.

Is any modification done to vehicle?

Address of owner of the vehicle

First name, last name of the owner

Date of birth

Driver license number

Marital status

Do you have any pervious accidents?

Any previous claims