Importance of Driver Record In India

Driving Record For Indian Drivers

The specified applicants who have held a driver's license outside of the United States within the past 3 years must obtain their own driver's record that would show information about recent collisions violations or suspensions. Every country has its own procedure for this but we recommend contacting the agency which issued your license. The related police department or court in the issuing country might hold records as well.

Getting Dependent on the license issuer the format of your driving record will vary. Ithaca Carshare can process any record whether it is mail order faxed or sent electronically as long as it contains your details the date the license was issued and details relating to moving violations accidents and suspensions.

You got to request your driver's record in English if possible. We can accept most of the records in foreign languages so we may be able to help if your record will not be in English. Some of the license issuers will charge a fee to obtain the record which we do not reimburse.

Any kind of current or the past resident of UT Chandigarh can apply for his driving record for the period starting 1997 onwards. The request can be made via post or in as person to the Office of the Superintendent of Police. The request has to be made on the prescribed form and has to be accompanied by a registered post self-addressed stamped and with a neat envelop. On the receipt of the request the driving record is then mailed to the applicant by registered post in the envelope provided by him.

The driving record of the applicant comprises with the following important points:-

The specified applicant's traffic conviction history that is whether the applicant has been challaned or charged under the Motor Vehicles Act and if yes the complete particulars of the same.

History of the suspension or cancellation of any driving license by the Courts/Licensing Authority.

History of the involvement in any road accident as per Police Station records.

The legal demand for the driving history record is commonly made by Indian emigrants for furnishing the same to motor insurance companies abroad.