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Common Mistake while giving Driving License test

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Why driving failure rate is so high?

Here are Some listed the top mistakes / reasons of failure and many of the people fail because of lack of planning and judgments made by the drivers. The person may be physically able to drive to high standard but that is not important we need to clear the test and get pass the test.

There was a recent survey made and found that what are the reasons / mistakes of not getting passed of the test.

Here the top mistakes listed

1. Observation at junction: Observation and in effective judgment is the primary mistake.

2. Not checking and not acting on the information. There must be a proper and good use of mirrors.

3. At the time of turning signal should be given, avoid giving wrong signals and also misleading the signal is also a mistake of getting failure in driving license.

4. Incorrect Positioning: A round abouts giving wrong / incorrect positions.

5. Taking Reverse around the corner: This is due to in effective observation and due to lack of accuracy

6. Lack of steering control: Steering used too early or steering used too slow.

7. Turn around in road is also a mistake done by many while turning around and looking.

8. Inappropriate speed is also one of the top mistake done while giving driving license test.