Procedure To Get Driving License

How to Get Driving License?

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Information on Sudan Driverís License Application Process: -

This Sudan is a diverse developing country in northeastern Africa. Capital city is Khartoum. On July 2011 Sudan divided into two nations as a part of a peace agreement signed in 2005. New nation of South Sudan was formed following a referendum on secession held in January 2011. Multi-party conflict continues in the Darfur region in western Sudan. The Security conditions are adverse in Darfur and in the states of South Cordovan and Blue Nile. The Transportation networks and other forms of infrastructure are poor and do not meet western standards. -

Being this a public service posting not so much to inform friends and family about the driverís license application scavenger hunt which I have just navigated as much as to inform other kawajas new to Southern Sudan who may stumble across this post when searching Google for guidance on the process. With this As far as I can tell this is the only publicly available written record of how to apply for a driverís license in Southern Sudan. Even Though still without paid employment I am happy that through this posting I am able to contribute something valuable to society. -

Step 1: Collecting necessary documents. -

Step 2: Obtaining the form. -

Step 3: Meeting with the Deputy Director. -

Step 4: Meeting with the Medical Commissioner. -

Step 5: Eye Exam. -

Steps 6: Paying the Medical Commissioner (but not personally), Second Meeting with the Commissioner and Getting the Commissioner's Stamp. -

Step 7: Second Meeting with the Deputy Director. -

Step 8: Paying for a Learners Permit and Ministry Fees. -

Step 9: Retrieving for your license. -