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Apply The International Driving Licence in India

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The international driver document (or) international driver’s licence is issued for the translational of national or domestic driver licence which allow to drive different territories the international driving licence translation also indicate u hold u to driver license from home country to drive in another country by an original valid driving licence

International Driving Permit

1. Who can apply for International Driving Permit?

Applicant should have a permanent Driving License valid

1. What are the documents to be given?

2. Valid Driving License

3. Valid Passport

4. Valid Visa

5. Passport size photos 4 copies resent

6. Medical Certificate in Form 1-A

7. Valid proof of Nationality or state

1. What is the amount of Fees payable?

Rs.500/- + Rs.500/- Service charges

1. To whom should one apply?

Regional Transport Officer near to city

5. Applicant should be refer in person for verifying the original documents.

6. Time limit for getting a International Driving Permit?

Same day

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