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Applying license in Andhra Pradesh

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About Driving License:

The Andhra Pradesh Government is committed provide [SMART] Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, Transport services to the people to make easy to get driving license. They provide simple procedure about driving license.

A valid driving license is necessary to drive a vehicle in public place.


The minimum age to apply for a driving license to drive a private motor vehicle is -18 years. A person who is at least 20 years old and possess a learnerís license can be obtaining a license for driving a commercial vehicle.

There are two stages to get a permanent driving license

Learnerís license

Permanent license

Learnerís license

A Learners license is a restricted license that is given to a person who is learning to drive.

A candidate is required to appear for along with following documents

i. Application form [ available in RTO office]

ii. Age proof [evidence of age proof following certificates

a) Birth certificate

b) School certificate

c) Ration card

d) Medical certificate

iii. Address proof

a) Ration card

b) Electricity bill

c) L.I.C policy

d) Telephone bill

e) Passport

iv. Medical certificate form 1-A for transport license

v. Passport size photographs

The applicant will be required to appear for a test on touch screen. During the test the candidate will get 150 questions for preparation out of which he/she will receive 20 questions and will need to solve at least 12 of them.

Once the candidate clears the test, he/she will be eligible to receive the learning license.

The learnerís license valid up to six months from the date of issue is renewal for another six months.


Permanent license:

A person after completion of thirty days of learnerís license may apply for the test os competence to drive the licensing authority in whose jurisdiction he receives with the following documents.

i. An application for a driving license made in form-4

ii. Valid Learners license

iii. Age proof

iv. Address proof

v. Recent photographs

All valid documents of the vehicle on which the test to be conducted after passing the driving test. The authorizing department will be issued the permanent license

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