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Process of Booking Slot for Learning licence

 booking slot for learning licence

� First the Poorer Visibility The visibility factor is down to less than half at night. Anyways however powerful your headlamps might be they simply can't compete with the sun. The Color perception is reduced too as headlights don't emit anywhere near as wide a light spectrum as the sun. Well, you won�t see that nasty boulder in your path from as far away as during the day. �the Drowsiness �the top cause of accidents � is at its peak. Don�t forget we aren't a nocturnal breed our body is hardwired to rest in the dark hours. After all if you are fresh you doing you really want to be sharing the road with a truck driver who has put in 18+ hours behind the wheel without sleep

� Some people driving with their high beams on can blind you on single lane highways (lesser of an issue on expressways though).

� The Higher probability of Drunk Drivers. For that with no police enforcement to curb alcoholics on the highway and a general tendency to drink in the evening the night brings more drunkards on the road.

� The Steeper crime rates Crime is most rampant when there are lesser people around and the chance of getting caught is minimal. The Indian highways have higher instances of criminal activity at night.

� Sometimes Weak OEM headlamps Many Indian cars just aren�t capable of cruising safely at night due to their weak factory headlamps. Likely Few car owners ever get around to upgrading their inadequate OEM bulbs.

� Some of the several vehicles don't have properly functioning headlights tail-lights and brake lamps. Just combine this with reduced visibility in the dark and it's a recipe for disaster. After thinking of the number of times you've heard of someone driving into a parked truck at night. If That doesn't ever happen in the day.

� The Poor medical support Post-incident injury treatment is pathetically slow on Indian roads. Some of the injured people who die between the accident time & them reaching the hospital are shockingly high. The Medical support is slower at night when staff members are in shorter supply.

� The Poorer breakdown support and If your car should suffer a mechanical failure garages open for service will be few & far between.

� It�s Difficult to find good places to eat and there aren't too many restaurants serving clean.

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