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Process of Booking Slot for Learning licence

 booking slot for learning licence

All of us need to reduce Drinking and Driving

•it is said Social Pressure is very effective in reducing drunk driving never condone or approve of intoxication. The Intoxicated behavior is dangerous and never amusing. For your life don’t ever let your friends drive after drinking. Just Take away their keys have them stay the night have them ride home with someone else or do whatever else is necessary - but don't let them drive!

•always Designated Driver Programs save lives Volunteer to be a designated driver. Doing this it could save your life and the lives of your friends ◦more difficulty is it’s important to realize that inexperienced drinkers become intoxicated with much less alcohol than do experienced drinkers and is much more likely to have traffic accidents after consuming small amounts alcohol. Just a single drink dramatically increases the chances that a teen-aged driver will have a driving accident. •the Graduated penalties for driving with higher BACs could save lives faster speeders get higher speeding fines and higher blood alcohol contents (BACs) should get higher penalties. Some of the Drivers with blood alcohol contents of 20 are hundreds of times more dangerous than those with only 02 and should receive much higher penalties.

All of us need to reduce Drugging and Driving

We say for safe driving never uses illegal drugs. This Illicit drug is involved in a large proportion of driving accidents injuries and deaths. The Marijuana and other drugs reduce coordination reaction time and other abilities required to drive safely. The count of 17 In the case of marijuana this impairment lasts as long as 24 hours after smoking just one joint.

Almost nearly 40% of injured drivers have tested positive for marijuana and the proportion is probably much higher for young drivers. Almost 19 Police never test for illegal drug use and many accidents blamed on alcohol are actually caused by illicit drugs.

All we need to improve is Driver Education These Prospective drivers should be taught adequate information on alcohol and driving and they should be tested on this material on their driver's exams. Like In too many states the subject is given only brief mention and seven states do not include any information or testing on it in the process of obtaining a driver's license.

Talks in driving’s beginner's luck isn't good enough. To get details and for much helpful information see Phil Berardelli's practical book Safe Young Drivers:- A Guide for Parents and Teens (McLean- VA: EPM Publications 1996) which is available at your public library or through your library's Inter-Library Loan office.

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