Driving Test at Ease

Drive with caution: Driving your vehicles with alert is very important on road as there is a chance of getting accidents.

The defensive driving is very important and staying calm and there is no need of rush and being patient is necessary for defensive driving.

One thing to remember is not to get distracted while driving and better look for the vehicles beside you with alert.

There are pedestrians on the road, so look out for pedestrian crossing and go ahead carefully.

While going on road you may come across animals, go slow and avoid collision.

Follow traffic signals, speed limit.

Watch whether closely and start the day.

Be aware of things around you.

While changing the lane, be cautious.

Avoid texting and talking on cell phone and avoid talking with co passengers while driving.

Keep distance between the vehicles while driving.

Checking tires, seat belt, windows, fuel, water, before starting your journey.

Carry all first aid box in your vehicle.

Fuel Saving tips

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