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Process of Booking Slot for Learning licence

 booking slot for learning licence

The mobile phone may only be used by the driver of a motor vehicle to make or receive a phone call while driving if the phone is either secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle if not secured can be operated without touching it voice activated and it is illegal to create send or look at a text message video message email or similar communication while driving. This GPS function of a mobile phone may be used by a driver while driving as long as the phone is secured in a mounting and the driver does not need to touch the phone including the keypad or screen at any time.

Every time keep a look out for pedestrians and be ready to stop for them. There are like some of the places to look out for pedestrians are and at pedestrian crossings and intersections and between parked cars or behind buses and near schools and playgrounds and near shopping centers and near hotels taverns or clubs where people have been drinking alcohol.

If you drive like a hookand we will arrest your vehicle drivers and riders must give way to pedestrians including people in wheelchairs who are and crossing at an intersection in front of your turning vehicle or n crossing at a pedestrian crossing zebra or children’s crossing or crossing at a marked foot crossing traffic signal controlled crossing for vehicles and pedestrian lights for pedestrians when a light facing vehicles is flashing yellow or red.

If vehicle turning in the slip lane must give way to the pedestrian crossing the slip lane and crossing in front of your vehicle at a slip lane a left turn lane at an intersection where there is an island between that lane and lanes for other traffic.

Near children’s crossings you must stop before the crossing when the crossing attendant extends the flags. One must not start to move until the attendant withdraws the flags signaling that you can go. If the Parallels walk crossings these are intersections controlled by traffic signals for vehicles and pedestrian lights for pedestrians to use to cross the road and parallel walk crossings are those where pedestrians are permitted to walk on the green pedestrian signal parallel with the flow of traffic. Near these crossings the lights for pedestrians turn green a few seconds before drivers are given their green light to proceed and turning vehicles must give way to pedestrians crossing with the pedestrian lights. The Cyclists and motorcyclists Cyclists and motorcyclists have an equal right to use the road as other vehicles. Always Share the road with them and allow them plenty of room. Always be courteous and take extra care when there are riders on the road by and being careful not to cut riders off when you are turning left. NEVER AND DO NOT turn in front of cyclists or motorcyclists – wait for them to ride past and taking extra care when overtaking riders because they are much more likely to be injured in the event of a crash. Always Keep a safe distance from them and give them at least one meter clearance from the side of your vehicle when you are overtaking. There’s a problem like if it is not possible to overtake with one meter clearance slow down and do not overtake until it safe to do so.

driving licence in jharkhand made easy
applying driving licence in jharkhand

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