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Traffic Safety Tips

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Safety is a major concern as the accidents are increasing day by day. The traffic safety should be taken into count. The main things to remember are.

Being alert at the traffic signals, danger zones and mainly at the intersections, as there will be turning of big vehicles and the crossing of the pedestrians.

Keeping the car doors locked and keeping eye on the road as well.

Avoid texting while driving. And be alert near parking place as there people who reached can open the door. Park your vehicle properly as it can create disturbance.

Remember basic things such as seat belt, adjusting mirrors, know basic traffic rules, stopping near signals, obeying traffic rules.

Having a nice sleep before driving as you can drive cautiously.

Checking brakes, tires, fuel, engine oil, headlights.

Carrying valid license, helmet, and first aid box.

Thing to control, speed, aggression, emotions.

Maintain distance between the vehicles in front and beside of you.

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