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Recent Road Accidents in India 2012-14

Andhra Pradesh suffer one of the most road accidents in India. India and china are listed among the highest road accidents in the world. The main reasons behind the road accidents are not obeying speed limits, poor roads, driving and driving, rash driving, aggressive driving etc.

In Andhra Pradesh alone these are the statistics of accidents, in 2004 the number of accident cases were, 39390, 2005-38913, 2006-42867, 2007-45163, 2008-46389, 2009-45977, 2010-44570, 2011-42869, 2012-41712.

The Number of deaths in Andhra Pradesh due to road accidents are 2005-11098, 2006-12606, 2007-13791, 2008-14529, 2009-15203, 2010-15696, 2011-15100, 2012-14975.

 road accidents statistics in andhra pradesh

On an average of last 6 years the no of accidents are 44446 and number of deaths 14882 with 58828 persons injured due road accidents in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2012 the accidents reduced by 2.69% and number of deaths reduced by 0.82%, Number of persons Injured reduced by 9.27% compared to 2011 in Andhra Pradesh

The government of India taking many steps to avoid such accidents. but such measure unable to prevent accidents in India, with 105000 deaths annually.

 road accidents in andhra pradesh statistics

The Steps can be taken to reduce accidents in India.

Increase traffic fines in India.

Suspending licence for drunken drivers.

Establishments of traffic courts for all states where the drivers can report to respective state courts for paying fines.

Starting traffic awareness programs for drivers.

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