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Dont forget your emergency Kit

Any time road side emergency can happen at any place whether your car is new or old. Number of range of problems can cause it from a tire failure or mechanical breakdown to running out of fuel. Reasonably at best it's an annoyance at worst it can compromise your safety. So, being prepared with a basic emergency kit can increase your safety reduce stress and help you get back on the road faster.

Even though if you have roadside-assistance coverage or an automobile club membership with roadside assistance you usually need access to a phone in order to contact them and you may have to wait on the side of the road for an hour or more before help arrives. That is why we recommend that drivers carry certain items in their vehicle even if it only gets used for every day around town driving. The basic kit can be supplemented with additional items if you go on a long-distance trip or have to deal with winter weather conditions.

It’s also important to make periodic checks on the equipment to ensure it is in working order-which the spare tire is properly inflated- batteries are not discharged first-aid supplies are current-water is fresh and food is dry. That is why In addition be familiar with how each tool works from the cellular phone to the jack before you need to use it in an emergency.

This small kit is intended to aid you in getting help signaling your car's presence to other motorists and tackling simple challenges.

The Cellular phone

We strictly don't recommend that you talk on a cell phone while driving but in an emergency this can be the single most valuable component of your kit. You must keep a car charger handy. This type of device plugs into the cigarette lighter or other power point in the car and charges the battery of your cell phone. When the traveling it's best to leave your cell phone on.

Follow the Emergency tip: -

If you have to dial 911 remember that your location and phone number aren't always available to an emergency operator when calling from a cell phone so give the operator your number and any information you have about your location. Try to ignore any "no service" messages on the phone and try the call anyway. Or else if you have trouble connecting to 911 from inside a car get out if possible and call from the side of the road. This may help you get a better signal.

The First-aid kit

Choose the one that allows you to treat a range of problems from small cuts or burns to ones that require major bandaging. We suggest you get familiar with how to use the kit before you need to.

The Fire extinguisher

Car’s fire can start from something as simple as a wiring short circuit or leaking oil. The best thing is you should get away from a vehicle that's on fire as quickly as possible. If you want more for extra security it's good to keep a fire extinguisher in the car that can be used in any emergency or to quickly dose a small flame that's just begun. When a fire can be put out the less damage it will cause. For Multipurpose dry-chemical fire extinguishers are available in a variety of sizes. We recommend you to carry a compact unit that's labeled 1A10BC or 2A10BC.

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