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Importance of Driving on HighWays

Now-a-days Highway driving provides unmatched pleasure to us petrol heads. Whoever may be coined the phrase the journey is as important as the destination must have been a gearhead at heart. All the Things have never been better for Indian driving enthusiasts. Daily Cars are getting increasingly competent road quality has much improved in the last decade and travelling in India exposes you to unparalleled natural beauty.

Unfortunately our India leads the world in road accident fatality rates. If someone dies on our roads every 4 minutes! Rather than the quality of road you can put this down to poor driving skills ill-maintained vehicles & awful post-incident medical support. There number of injured people who die between the accident time & them reaching the hospital is shockingly high.

This Highway driving entails faster speeds & more overtaking. Many accidents occur while overtaking or at junctions. A responsible informed car owner who cares about his safety & that of others on the road it is important for you to follow the best practices listed below.

The car you are driving must be in top mechanical shape for a highway drive. Always keep checking the tire pressure & condition before hitting the road. It is really a good idea to visually inspect your car from the outside & under the bonnet too.

One must be well rested & absolutely fresh. You get tired or in a hurry the highway is not for you. The place Wear comfortable clothing and avoid slippery footwear (e.g. kolhapuris). Don't ever place any kind of bottles on the floor as they can roll and block the brake pedal's movement.

Don’t overload your car with excessive passengers or cargo. This Overloading will negatively impact its dynamic behavior and increase braking distances due to the greater momentum. Every time an overloaded vehicle might not be able to protect its occupants in a crash either.

It is as important for rear passengers to wear their seatbelts as it is for those at the front. Sometimes Indeed buckling up could be the difference between life & death for rear bench occupants.

Either if you have a choice always chooses daytime driving over nighttime. As the night brings poorer visibility unlit roads and a higher probability of drunk driving & crime rates.

Know your own limits and that of your car never exceed them. If you are driving an unfamiliar car spend some time getting to know its road manners first. Beware of the car's blind spots (every car has them) and Some cars suffer from poor high speed behavior including a sensitive steering excessive body roll poor grip levels weak brakes etc. One must be mindful of the vehicle's limitations.

If you are behind the wheel of an SUV understand its dynamic limitations vis a vis a low-slung sedan or hatchback. The SUVs are more prone to rollover at high speeds or in an emergency maneuver and also SUVs simply cannot handle or brake as well as sedans.

When you're driving on an unfamiliar highway increase your margin for error by driving slower than you normally do.

Just keep the windows rolled up. You may be exposed to strong wind & noise for a longer duration can tire you out. There might be also the danger from flying pebbles & other foreign objects. The Sealed windows are better from an aerodynamic point of view as well.

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