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Driving Improvement Process

Concentration and focus is to be able to keep your mind on what you are doing; in this case driving. Suppose If you are 17 years old and your exams are getting near or you are looking forward to your football team going to the top of the league on Saturday that’s fine but don’t think about it whilst you are driving.

Now if you are a mum driving to the shops thinking about what you need to buy tea coffee sugar etc or am I going to be late picking the kids up don't think about it whilst you are driving. Imagine if you are Joe the plumber going to fix Mr Leak’s radiator wondering if it’s the valve or the radiator itself and maybe you're thinking of that £1000 still owed to you by Mr Debt don't think about it whilst you are driving. If you are not CONCENTRATING on your driving and you do hit a child or a car that is to blame? The six-year-old child was too young to be out on her own on that busy road that could be true but if you have been thinking about your driving could the accident have been avoided?

So, if you did hit another car the other driver may also have some responsibility as his mind may have been as elsewhere.

A way of learning how to have concentrated on your driving is to give a running commentary as you drive along whether on your own or with someone else. You’ll probably learn from the comments that come back to you some may please you and some may not. This must bean another way of hearing other people's views on different situations. Just keep your mind focused on your driving and no doubt less accidents will occur.

Anticipation is a skill of reading into things that are happening around you which in turn will lead you into defensive driving another very important quality in a good driver. Just imagine setting off in your car with your eyes closed what are you going to ANTICIPATE nothing is the obvious answer so what does this prove It proves that if you look no further than the end of your bonnet you are going to have very limited information to ANTICIPATE. To keep enabling you to read the road well it is vital to constantly keep changing your areas of vision between short medium and long distances. This can give you a greater picture of what is happening around you and maybe by doing this you can ANTICIPATE what is going to happen this should naturally lead you into a more defensive way of driving. This defensive driving is all about taking precautions before they happen in the interest of your wellbeing and other road users. Driving in the above manner you will also become a far smoother driver because you are acting on things that can be seen well ahead (a mile or more on some types of road). There are hundreds of clues all around if you know where to look. As feet under parked cars reflections in windows headlights coming around corners all signs to give you information to act upon.

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