Procedure to Renew Bangladesh Driving License

Bangladesh Driving License Renewal

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You are required to carry your driving licence with you at all the times when you are driving a vehicle. Whenever your driving licence expires you must renew it with out fail in time. This document explains how to renew your driving licence.

Renewal of driving license

The driving licence should be renewed after the expiry date. So you approach to your Licensing Authority Office during public contacting hours for the renewal of your driving license.

Your driving licence is valid for twenty years from the date of issue or till you turn your age of fifty years whichever is earlier. However if your licence is for a passenger or commercial or goods vehicle it must be renewed in time every after three years.

Documents required for renewal of driving licence for commercial driving licence or for private driving licence the application Form No9 is required with two recent passport size photographs. The medical certificate form No1A and the proof of residence age is required if your age is more than forty years.

In case of private driving licence the record is not verified if the particular seems to be clear on the licence. However for commercial driving licence the particulars are verified from the authority. In case of private driving licence the renewal is done on the same day but for the commercial driving licence the renewal is made after verification of the particulars.

BRTA issued the new circular relaxing the condition of getting professional drivers license on December 31 2013. Under the new rules the professional drivers need not to appear before the DTCB test and the inspectors have been authorized for the renewal of driving license.

How to renew your driver license in person. Alternate method

If you already have a California driving license and you want to renew it then you need to visit a DMV office make an appointment for fast services. Complete a driver license or Identification Card Application form DL 44 or Commercial Driver License Application form DL 44C.

Copies are not accepted for renewal notice which is mailed to you cross out any old information on the renewal notice and write in the current information.

Commercial Driver License holders can only renew in person or complete the ten Year History Record Check form DL 939 or the Driver License ten year History Record Check renewal form DL 10Y if you have been issued a driver license in the same or different name to operate or other jurisdiction within ten years. Attach the DL 939 to Commercial Driver License Application DL 44C or the DL 10Y of renewal application.

Give the thumb prints pass an eye vision exam and take your picture and then pay the application fee then look at the renewal notice.

It will tell you if you need to take a written test. If you approach for a test it will include sign test and traffic laws. First answer the 18 questions out of 36 questions. For passing least answer 15 questions correctly and you have three chances to pass this test.

After you complete the requirements you will be issued an interim license valid for 90 days until you receive your new photo license in the mail. If you have not received your interim license after sixty days. Then have your interim license with you to provide further information when requested.

If your license has expired it is illegal for you to use and drive the vehicle. There is no late fee to renew your license. There are no penalties if you may be cited by a traffic police officer for driving with an expired driver license and if you are a commercial driver and your license has been expired for over two years you need to take a driving test in type of commercial vehicle which you are driving.

Note. Drivers are requested for refreshing training certificate in case of HMV.