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Driving Smart Using Some Strategies

Great ideas in saving the fuel bills through some research techniques. By following these techniques you can save your fuel bill. Even a little amount of savings also a huge at the last!

Techniques in saving fuel:

1) Keeping the tyres at right pressures which forms the under inflation saves the consumption of fuel by approximately 2%.

2) Engines which are cold uses more fuel to get warmer, so for every short journey to get the engine warm more fuel is used, avoiding short journeys saves fuel.

3) Heavy breaking and force acceleration releases co2 and also more fuel is used. So its better to follow speed ups and slowdowns smoothly.

4) For a better run vehicles should be serviced in proper timings regularly for running optimum efficient.

5) Changing gears at lower revs adds in saving fuel up a gear at 2000 and 2500 rpm

6) Air conditioning in the vehicles creates a heavy burden on the engine and also uses a large amount of fuel, so it’s better to use in emergency.

7) Vehicle should carry a limited load as it’s mentioned. over loading causes burden on the engine and excess fuel.

8) Planning the journeys avoids unnecessary mileage and reduces co2 emission.

9) Never allow engine running warm ups it uses 0.5 liters per hour.

10) Sharing the ride with others is always a better option.

Fuel Saving tips

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