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Easy Way Pedestrian Crossing

Things to Remember.

1) You should not park in Crossing.

2) You should not overtake the vehicle the is moving near the crossing.

3) Stopping at Pelican, Toucan and Pegasus Crossings when you see the Traffic Signal is Red.

4) Give way to pedestrians.

5) Use mirror Frequently.

6) Slow down near the zebra crossing and watch for the people who are crossing, after people cross the zebra crossing then proceed.

Types of Pedestrians Crossing.

1) School crossing,

2) Zebra,

3) Pelican,

4) Puffin,

5) Toucan and

6) Pegasus.

Easy going towards T-junctions

Its better to get the benefit of using the mirror signal manoeuvre as it is very helpful.

Whenever you are road, keep the other drivers in mind and proceed, this will help you in making the correct action before proceeding towards the T- junction.

The important thing is to give way to the pedestrians crossing the road on which you have intention to go ahead. Watching those people, who are looking forward and showing back to you and they could not hear you without knowing you.

Things to Remember:

Looking out for signals carefully.

Looking at traffic at both directions.

Checking what is going behind, just watching is not enough.

Giving appropriate signal

Checking mirror again for going safe.

At last checking, pedestrians, traffic signs. Then proceed carefully.

An Easy Approach to park a Car parking in a Bay parking.

If you want to do bay parking you can choose from two sides either right or left.

Things to remember while doing the bay parking.

The first thing is to drive safely and smoothly with total control along with proper accelerator, and holding steering without crossing marking.

Using mirrors and have look on pedestrians with checking speed.

Having an observation clearly.

Park it reverse with straight wheel with full control.

It requires lot of practice.

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