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Safe Driving in Winter | Traffic Safety

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Drivers are in almost every house we independently is a driver, so there is a lot of necessary and importance in knowing some tips for a safe driving in winter.

Here are some important issues which we have laid out with lot of research work for a better understanding.

Our top 11 tips for driving in the winter:

1) Before starting a drive its important to check out the weather conditions before.

2) Driving in a low gear is always safer in winters

3) Braking suddenly may become dangerous as it causes skidding. In case if it skids the cteering should go in the direction of skid.

4) Always its safe to start early than the actual time as it clears off tension.

5) Never dare of driving through flood water.

6) Keeping the distance from the car in front is better as it takes ten times longer in stopping at the icy conditions and twice as long in wet conditions.

7) In the fog conditions to avoid risks its always better to switch on dipped headlights. In the case of thick fogs use fog lights. After the fog reduces dont forget to turn off.

8) Emergency kit in the car, warm clothing, boots, flashlight, food and drink, blankets and a high-visibility jacket.

9) Keeping extra fuel in the vehicle will be always better in the case of emergency conditions.

10) Giving the information about your journey is a better option.

11) Your mobile phone should contain the number of any breakdown company.

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