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Driving License

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Driving License and its importance:.

An official certification given to a person stating the eligibility to drive vehicles. This certification will be given by the government according to its related acts. A person without a driving license is not dared to drive a vehicle on the roads, this leads to misuse of acts in the country and is punishable. To drive a vehicle on the roads the person should be certified by the government after some examinations.

Levels of driving license:

Level 1: learners license

Its a license given while in the learning process of a driver.

Level 2: permanent license

After the period of learning in general six months the person is tested by the officials and will be given with the permanent license.

Essentials of getting a driving license:

*Learners license

*Parents or guardians consent

*Age of 18 years

*Age of 20 for getting commercial vehicle

*Knowing all the rules and regulations

Process of application:

Learners license

1) Apply format to the Local Transport Office in your region

2) With your passport-sized photographs,

3) Proof of your age and residence,

4) Declaration of medical fitness

5) Required fee.

After verification of your documents, you will have to

6) Go through the Learner's Test.

7) Traffic rules, signs and regulations.

8) passing the Learner's Test

9) you will be issued a Learner's License.

If you fail the test, you will be given a chance to take the test again.

Permanent License

1) Valid Learner's License

2) Apply after 30 days and within 180 days of issue of the Learner's License.

3) Knowledge vehicle systems

4) Driving

5) Traffic rules regulations.

6) A driving test, for which you must bring a vehicle with you.

7) On passing the test, you will be issued a Permanent Driving License.

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