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smooth driving

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In all disciplines right from drifting to racing, aggression never equals to speed.

When we learn one skill to improve our driving technique it should be the art of smooth driving. On the track, driving smoothly allows you to minimize weight transfers, make the most of every last bit of grip, and maintain control at higher speeds. On the road it makes the drive more comfortable for your passengers and can even increase fuel economy.

if you're driving at only 50% of the car's potential, you'll be able to get away with changing gear roughly and braking, accelerating and steering aggressively. But when you're driving near your car's limits these actions can lead to loss of traction, poor track times and increased risk of an accident. It's important to get into good habits even if you're not travelling at break-neck speeds.

key elements:

1) Steering

2) Braking

3) Acceleration

4) Gear changes

5) Weight transfers

6) Rev matching

7) Combined forces during cornering

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