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Electric cars trend 2012

The best thing about electric cars is, you’ll never need fuel even a drop of fuel or changing the engine oil. The Future cars will be the electric car, because it is very easy to recharge the cars and it is very cost effective

The electric cars are coming now with lithuim-ion battery system to boost the performance along with combined fuel efficiency.

Electric cars form major brands in the world 2012

Fiat: Fiat 500EV

Ford: Ford C-Max Energi.

Honda: Fit EV car in hybrid model.

Mitsubishi: i-MiEV 2012

BMW: cars i3 and i8 in small segment cars.

Toyota : Prius Plug-in Hybrid, RAV4 EV

Mercedes-Benz : LS AMG E-Cell gull wing.

Customer behavior on electric cars:

Price: Customers will look on the price and comfort level of the electric cars.

Choices; as the numbers of models are increases, the customer can choice many number of models.

Parking lots will ready to install the plug in chargers to charge the electric cars.

Technology: wireless charging technology will be getting more testing.

Safety: Customers will look on the safety issues of the elcetric cars.

Chargers: People install chargers at home, to charge their vehicels.

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