Traffic Slogans

1. Avoiding Accidents Is Like You Are Secure Sheltered .

2. Be Alert While Driving.

3. Calculating Speed While Driving Is Very Important For Traffic Safety .

4. Coming On Road and Lookout Playing It Cool Drive Safe.

5. Drive Safe on Road Be Alive.

6. Drive Slow As If You Are Walking On Eggs .

7. If You Are Safe It Means To Are Protected .

8. If You Are Safe on Road Driving Safe Then You Safeguarded Yourself.

9. If You Come Across Aggressive Drivers Shrewd Taking It Easy Be Calm.

10. Itís better to Refuge Yourself Form Road Accidents.

11. Keep All Safety Devices Near By You .

12. Our Speed Is Like Rubber If You Drive Fast There Is a Chance of Returning Harm at Same Speed.

13. Precaution Is Good In Driving Safe.

14. Prevention is Accidents Is like out Of Harmís Way, .

15. Safe Driving Is Like You Are Sitting Pretty Back In Your Seats.

16. Safety Is Out Of Danger .

17. Traffic Safety Is Safe And Sound for Driving.

18. Try To Guard Yourself from Accidents.

19. Using Seat Belt Is Like You Are Shielded .

20. Watch Watched Then Proceed.

21. When You Want To Increase the Speed Thinking Twice .

22. You Are Like Cover of Safety for Your Family.

23. Your Assurance Should Be There For Your Family While You Are Driving.

24. Its foolishness to drive fast and crossing speed limits.

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